She learns to walk and talk again … a girl miraculously recovers from Corona

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Sunday 20 September 2020

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The new Corona virus continues its strong blow to the infected, after a woman suffered from the disease for a full 6 months, after suffering serious complications.

Amy Werner, 31, contracted the Coronavirus for the first time last March, and initially thought that it was just a cold, but it developed, and her condition worsened and she was placed in intensive care, according to the British newspaper “dailystar”.

At first, the patient with the Coronavirus began to suffer from “hallucinations”, in the month of March, and was isolating herself at her home in the village of Keelty, Fife, Scotland.

At first she thought it was just a cold, but then she began to get anxious, and the 31-year-old’s condition worsened, and her “hallucinations” began to dominate her, so much so that she thought her fiancé, Chris Patterson, was her mother.

Her family called an ambulance, was taken to intensive care at Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy, and went into a three-week coma with a tube in her throat.

Her family was told she only had 48 hours to either get better, or they risked having to turn off the ventilator, despite these odds, Amy miraculously began to recover from the illness.

She was taken to Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline to receive daily physical therapy for patients, and she had to learn almost everything, including how to walk and talk.

But after her horrific six-month ordeal, in which she was unable to see her family for five weeks, the brave Amy is set to return home.

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“In March, I started experiencing symptoms of the Coronavirus and I was self-isolating for about a week, I thought it was just a cold, but with time I started to feel really anxious, on the 29th day of infection, I was seriously ill, and I had hallucinations and a temperature,” said the recoverer. Too high, I was crying, I was calling my life partner on the grounds that he was my mother, I had no awareness of where I was. ”

“I did not realize the seriousness of the matter until after I arrived at the hospital,” she added, “I was terrified and the last thing I remember was telling the nurse that I did not want to die.”

Amy’s low oxygen levels meant that she was unable to breathe on her own. Doctors were forced to make an incision into her windpipe using a tube in her throat to connect her to a ventilator to save her life, and it was soon discovered that she also had severe pneumonia and her kidneys failed, which means that she underwent For dialysis, her family prepared for worse after warning that doctors might have to turn off the machines, unless the girl got better, but the next day, Amy managed to produce urine for the first time in a week as she slowly started getting better.

“The girl recovered from Covid-19 after five weeks, but the side effects were devastating,” said Amy’s father-in-law.

Recovery reveals: “A tube was taken out of my windpipe, and I had a speech therapist, but luckily my voice wasn’t affected badly, it was just weak, every day I spent in intensive care, I lost 2% of my muscles, so I couldn’t walk I couldn’t even grab a spoon or comb my hair. I had to learn to do almost everything again from talking to walking. I spent four months rehabilitating with physical therapy. “

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Continues: “It’s the worst thing I’ve ever been through and knowing how close I am to death terrifies me, I will always make sure to stick to the rules because I don’t wish it to anyone, I’ve turned my life upside down, I’ve had some bad days and I’m now on medication, but going home is The push I needed, it was horrific for all of my family, especially because they couldn’t visit me when I was in intensive care, the nurses were holding my phone for me to make a group FaceTime call with my family and I was able to hear and see them but I could only answer with a signal .

Amy is due to go home now, but she will not be able to sleep in her bed yet, due to a painful pressure wound in her lower back that may take up to a year to heal, and she will continue to undergo physical therapy twice a day.


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