Sergei Petkov: Under my window in Kyiv APC ran over a car of an ordinary person (Video)

Sergey Petkov

“The armored personnel carrier, which you may have seen on the Internet, ran over a car with an ordinary citizen in it. All this happened under my window,” Sergei Petkov, writer, academician, journalist, public figure, told BNT about the situation in Kyiv. He is involved in volunteering, transporting people and food.

“I am in Krepavnitskaya, central Ukraine. I have been here for several days, arriving from Kyiv. As soon as hostilities broke out in Kyiv, they turned out to be subversive intelligence groups of the Russian army.”

Units of Russian troops are operating near many cities, shelling residential neighborhoods, Sergei Petkov explained.

A former vice-rector of Kharkiv National University has died in a town near Kharkiv.

“They occupied Energodar and Kharkiv. They kidnapped the mayor of Melitopol. They robbed shops, shot down residential neighborhoods,” Sergei Petkov said.

The Russian military is trying to make its way to Crimea without thinking of ordinary people, the journalist explained. A huge number of residents are leaving the cities.

“The Russian Federation is pursuing a concept for the restoration of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact,” Petkov said.

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