Senator announces measures to improve transition from school to work with the support of “Partner Schule Wirtschaft” on its 20th anniversary

The transition from school to work is crucial for the further life of young adults. Therefore want Katharina Günther-Wünsch, Senator for Education, Youth and Family prepare young people for a future job as early and comprehensively as possible. On the occasion of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of “Partner Schule Wirtschaft” said Senator Günther-Wünsch: “Young people and the economy need a good transition from school to the world of work. That is why we are now launching the 11th year of compulsory schooling, the expansion of the subject ‘Business-Work-Technology’ and the compulsory internships.” All three measures are already planned for the 2024/25 school year. With the 11th year of compulsory schooling, for example, it should be ensured that young people who do not start regular vocational training after completing their compulsory schooling continue to be supported in school. “Partner Schule Wirtschaft supports teachers actively and directly in the implementation of good professional orientation in schools,” said the senator.

“Partner Schule Wirtschaft” has been a service and coordination center for professional orientation in Berlin for 20 years. This state agency of the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family cooperates with the Association for the Promotion of Vocational Training eV, to which the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Berlin Chamber of Crafts, the Berlin-Brandenburg business associations and the Association of Independent Professions in Berlin eV belong. Other cooperation partners are the regional directorate of the Berlin-Brandenburg Employment Agency and SCHOOL ECONOMY Deutschland

“Partner Schule Wirtschaft” has the following tasks:

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  • Be the interface between schools, universities and the economy
  • Offer support for teachers, legal guardians, students and companies through further training and up-to-date information.
  • Issue a seal of quality for excellent professional orientation:
  • To provide students with career choice skills.

The partners involved also congratulate on the 20th anniversary:

Stefan Spieker, Vice President of the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce: “Real experience of business and work is only effective with entrepreneurial career orientation! This is what the cooperation of IHK Berlin and PSW!“

Dominic Kvesic, Managing Director of the Association of Freelance Professions in Berlin eV: “Turn your job into a vocation. The common mission of PSW and the VFB in Berlin. Committed to the cause and with distinctive expertise – we go together!”

Jürgen Wittke, General Manager of the Berlin Chamber of Crafts: “Respect, partner school business – for 20 years the institution for professional orientation in Berlin and a reliable partner for the craft!”

Alexander Schirp, Deputy General Manager of the Association of Business Associations in Berlin and Brandenburg eV: “We as UVB strengthen dual training. SCHOOL ECONOMY is our core brand. Partner Schule Wirtschaft remains our reliable and dynamic partner – today and in the future.”

dr Ramona Schröder, Chairwoman of the Management Board of the Berlin-Brandenburg Regional Directorate of the Federal Employment Agency: “We are celebrating 20 years of professional orientation. Together with all our partners, we support young people on their way to a self-determined life. Thanks!”

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