Rediscovering New York Off the Beaten Track: A Unique and Intense Camp Mode Experience

I organized a second stay in camp mode but this time on the theme “New York off the beaten track” (because the first was on the theme of photography in New York).
The program was once again dense and intense.
The stay went really well and we also had great weather!
They all loved this once again unique, intense and magical stay!
I put you for each:
– a nice photo of them taken by Johnny during the New York photo session in French
– a photo of their choice representing the stay (click on it to see it larger)
– their assessment of the stay


photo-sejour-hors-des-sentiers-battus-mai-2023-70-scaled.jpg.webp" type="image/webp">It was my 3rd time in New York and I’m not disappointed with this 3rd trip off the beaten track. I discovered another New York, I saw new landscapes, new skylines, I learned many new stories of the city, in short, it was a rediscovery of the city. Alex and your team, you were on top too, listening and the guided tours were exciting. Intense but great week 🙌🏻 , I come back with many more memories and an even stronger love of the city!! THANK YOU 🙏🏻


photo-sejour-hors-des-sentiers-battus-mai-2023-24-scaled.jpg.webp" type="image/webp">I am totally satisfied with my stay off the beaten track. I was able to discover many places that I would probably never have done without the planned guided tours or the walks organized by Alex.
We were also spoiled by the weather which is not negligible to embellish this stay.
Even if the hotel was ultimately not on the beaten track theme, it was ideally placed, which allowed each of us to organize outings that were not planned in the program.
This trip also allowed me to meet beautiful people, the atmosphere was at the top thanks to this shock team with whom I intend to keep in touch.
Thank you for all the organization of this stay, everything was perfect and framed as it should be
See you soon for other great adventures I hope.


photo-sejour-hors-des-sentiers-battus-mai-2023-119-scaled.jpg.webp" type="image/webp">I am absolutely delighted with my stay. It was a great urban but also human adventure because we met on D-Day and the casting was really successful ^^
Since we all knew New York, we were really able to get off the beaten track and it was really a great discovery. The pace was intense but what a joy…
As for the guided tours (the guides are absolutely brilliant), it was really great; a special mention to the food tour which far exceeded my expectations.
Even the weather was with us, what else…. ???

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photo-sejour-hors-des-sentiers-battus-mai-2023-389-1-scaled.jpg.webp" type="image/webp">A great stay made beautiful encounters and where we were amazed. I was able to discover neighborhoods that I did not know and in which I would not have ventured alone, activities that also made it possible to break down the prejudices and representations that we may have (the Bronx, Queens, in another register the tasting…). It was a pleasure to rediscover certain neighborhoods with new eyes but also to find Audrey, Fred and Guillaume who shared with us their love of this city and who bring anecdotes and stories of the neighborhood to life, like no one else!
The group was great, we had a great time, laughter, jokes and complicity were there and that’s what also makes the charm of this stay! I come back with memories full of the head! Thank you again Alex for making us live this stay, it was TOP!


photo-sejour-hors-des-sentiers-battus-mai-2023-248-scaled.jpg.webp" type="image/webp">photo-sejour-hors-des-sentiers-battus-mai-2023-433-400x250.jpg.webp" type="image/webp">This stay with Alex and this group off the beaten track was really consistent and met all my expectations. I was able to discover neighborhoods and places in New York that I did not know and where I would certainly not have gone alone. I also met great people and we had a great time throughout the stay.
This stay also allowed me to discover Alex and to see the exceptional guides of New York in French who are always so interesting, passionate, adorable and benevolent.


photo-sejour-hors-des-sentiers-battus-mai-2023-241-scaled.jpg.webp" type="image/webp">It was for me a first experience for a group trip which was very positive.
This trip allowed me to discover another side of New York with visits with top guides, a really cool street art activity.

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photo-sejour-hors-des-sentiers-battus-mai-2023-409-scaled.jpg.webp" type="image/webp">This week was amazing!!!
I loved this trip, yes it’s true, intense for the legs, but so rewarding thanks to you Alex and our 3 guides Audrey, Guillaume and Fred. The food tour and the street art workshop are really the activities that I loved.
A thousand thanks Alex for having prepared such a rich trip of discoveries, for your commitment, and for having shared your passion with us 100%.
I came back from this trip enchanted and re-energized!!


photo-sejour-hors-des-sentiers-battus-mai-2023-101-scaled.jpg.webp" type="image/webp">What to say about this trip, What a wonderful week!
I was able to discover a lot of places that I did not know, while also seeing at times places that were familiar to me.
The guided tours are of high quality, the guides are top notch.
Not necessarily a preference between the different visits, Audrey’s was super dynamic, Guillaume’s was rather atypical with the Food Tour. The workshop with Fred confirmed that you don’t become a graffiti artist / tagger in 2 minutes 😁.
Brooklyn is huge, I didn’t know there were so many different things to see.
The group was great, we had a great time together, it was really nice!
Free time was more than enough to go shopping for example or find yourself alone with this huge city.
Thanks to Voyage en Français, the mission off the trails is a success.
Thanks Alex!


photo-sejour-hors-des-sentiers-battus-mai-2023-94-scaled.jpg.webp" type="image/webp">It was a fabulous experience where I let myself be carried, guided. We took full eyes. It is also a very enriching experience, I would never have known all these places by myself. Thanks to the French travel guides, Thanks to Alex for this completely new week! If you’re not afraid of miles on your feet and a bit of fatigue, go for it! And you’ll come back with memories full of memories and hundreds and hundreds of photos.
Merci 🙏🏻


photo-sejour-hors-des-sentiers-battus-mai-2023-199-scaled.jpg.webp" type="image/webp">I organized about ten trips to the United States and traveling in a group is not my habit so for me it’s a great first experience because I let myself be carried away with confidence in this trip brought by Alex and a real group. of traveler was created. I discovered activities that I would never have done alone or even I would not even have thought of such as the Speakasies and the Street art workshop in the middle of Brooklyn. I’m open for a new trip.

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photo-sejour-hors-des-sentiers-battus-mai-2023-405-scaled.jpg.webp" type="image/webp">For this trip I want to say a big big thank you to Alex and all his team (behind who was not present). This trip was extraordinary Alex shared his passion for New York with us and his expertise is a great opportunity for us. I will keep these “off the beaten track” tours treasured in my head and in my heart. Thank you for this human adventure and to Alex for having given his time to share his passion in addition to his paper guide which is a treasure of information. This was my third trip to New York and I was thrilled to take part in this new concept of “off the beaten track” travel. I saw New York in yet another way and moreover accompanied by a passionate expert. Thank you Alex!!


photo-sejour-hors-des-sentiers-battus-mai-2023-11-scaled.jpg.webp" type="image/webp">I am delighted with my stay even if it was quite intense. The group was perfect with a very good atmosphere, sharing and laughter, I met a lot of great people.
My most beautiful memories will be: the tasting, the sunrise over the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and the Summit with this magnificent view.
Without forgetting the advice of Alex and his great guides 🙂

photo-sejour-hors-des-sentiers-battus-mai-2023-scaled.jpg.webp" type="image/webp">

For my part, I also thank them very much for this superb trip.
A big big thank you Aude, Aurélie, Bérengère, Caroline, Clément, Elodie, Francis, Jérôme, Julie, Julien, Rozenn and Sandrine!
Nothing more to add except that I really enjoy doing these stays and that I will have to offer you new dates very soon! 🙂

photo-sejour-hors-des-sentiers-battus-mai-2023-329-scaled.jpg.webp" type="image/webp">

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