See Al-Latif and Al-Qatayef on iOS 14 from Apple

As we came back, Apple unveiled its latest versions of iOS 14 with a lot of features that the company innovates in its issuance and patents. In its event last night, Apple revealed the new operating system, iOS 14, with many new improvements to the quality of life and the long-running features. Wait it, and a new OS release is scheduled today 16 September.

Appearance and tools

The company has revealed new features in its operating system as it has redesigned the tools in the system, and although it still displays the same amount of useful information to the user, the look of the screen has changed. Previously, it was limited to the custom widget part on the left of the main screen, Whereas, widgets can now be moved freely and resized across your home screens and matched with the icons of your apps.

Application Library

The application library is the latest update that amazed users and that beautifies the home screen of the new operating system, gone are the days when you had many home screens that were not sorted with applications and folders scattered, and you will be able to clean the screen and organize all applications in a number of categories as Sorting the app library for you, the app library has another time-saving feature, and clicking on the search tool at the top not only lets you search for a specific app, but it also lets you sort all of your apps in an alphabetical list, which makes it very easy to find the app you are looking for. about him.

Incoming calls

Apple finally introduced an incoming call screen built into iOS 14, and you won’t suddenly be interrupted anymore when you receive an incoming call, as calls can be displayed at the top of the home screen. And if you still prefer the old full screen incoming call window, this option is still available for you.

Siri interface

Apple got rid of the full-screen interface for Siri, and the assistant will now display information near the top of the screen and won’t interrupt your work, and this mod is expected to help Siri be used by more users who abandoned it due to the old design.

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