In Nantes, Véronique launches an appeal on Facebook to save her bar and “not to die”

Véronique Boutry has been the manager of Le Brocéliande bar, Saint-Donatien district in Nantes, since 2004.

“I was very embarrassed to do that, very ashamed. It’s a way of making the sleeve, actually. But when I saw the craze, I was reassured. “

Véronique Boutry, manager of Le Brocéliande wine bar in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), launched a call for help on social networks, Tuesday January 12, 2021. A cry from the heart to help him overcome the crisis and get through the winter.

“I was alone, I feel surrounded by 45,000 people today”

Posted on Facebook, his message was quickly relayed beyond his expectations. “I was alone, I feel surrounded by 45,000 people today. Morally, it made me really good, ”says the 50-year-old boss.

In spring 2020, Nantes had taken out a State guaranteed loan (PGE).

We hit it galore because of the reconfinement and the banks were ready to offer a second one, but with rates that are not zero. I thought, “Are you going to breathe six months and then after?” So I thought about it. What I want is not to die! I still have 10 people to support …

Employees at unemployment partial they too exhausted by the situation. “We met on January 2 to clean the bar, but there was something wrong. I felt the fall coming. I acted as if we were going to reopen on January 20 by setting objectives for my teams, ”says Véronique.

Closed since October 30, bars and restaurants will ultimately not reopen immediately due to the rebound of the Covid-19 epidemic and the appearance of more contagious variants.

She gives her RIB!

The manager of Brocéliande has already “mourned until March 15”. The pot that she launched, by broadcasting their bank details directly to internet users, should allow it to last until this period, at least.

The support is already massive. The sums collected will be used to maintain a little cash flow and to pay the fixed costs. They will then be redistributed in the form of assets at the reopening, states Véronique, for whom the next few weeks will be even more difficult because of the curfew advanced to 6 p.m.

Under a drip of state and community aid, the Brocéliande still hopes to get out of it at the end of the health crisis, and without having to deviate from its values, points out the boss whose bar is specializes in natural wines.

“For now, it’s holding, but it’s very complicated”

An observation shared by the executive director of the Cultures bar-bar collective, Chloë Le Bail. “For now, it’s holding, but it’s very complicated. We think that the reopening of cafes, it will be complicated, many are fragile, she said during the first Nantes council of the night of the new municipal mandate, Tuesday evening. The establishments have a feeling of double trouble, the night is always the first to drink in the event of a crisis. “

A night plunged “into an endless day”, as Sales Assistant Gildas Salaün summed it up.

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