Technology "Second zone", the Mahoran series, needs you

“Second zone”, the Mahoran series, needs you


Second zone, a series 100% filmed in Mayotte

Kala and Sirius are two police officers.

She, a native of the island, returned from metropolitan France a short time ago with her captain’s diploma, and he is an old man from the old, a former ripoux. Although different, the two must work together on a flight which gradually leads them to discover a corpse on a beach which reveals many more secrets behind.

This scenario is that of the Mahoran series “Second Zone”, a project in progress for almost three years, and which should be released before the end of 2020.

The series, which mixes Shimaore, Kibushi and Reunion Creole could happen in Mayotte, but the creators preferred to locate it on a fictional island located not far from the archipelago of Comoros, Djezere. “On Djezere there is first a cult of secrecy and silence. It is a tiny island and turned towards itself. An island with its own rules that are suddenly changing into modernity ”write the creators of the series. A description that summarizes the problems of many island societies, and in which it is easy to find yourself.

Advanced but cash-strapped development

Shooting images

“It is a fantastic and detective series which has been in project and in development for 3 years, it is Anton Boché who created the series and I realized” explains Cyril Vandendriessche, the director. “Three years ago I joined the project but it had been in writing for much longer. The two of us launched the castings, it took almost a year and a half, we surveyed the middle and high schools because there are a lot of children’s roles and the theater troupes from Mayotte ”.

The shooting of the first episode finally took place in October 2019, “we had to bring people from metropolitan France and Reunion especially for the roles of cinematographer and script that we did not find here. In the end we were 50 people, 15 in technical and 35 actors. The shooting lasted 3 weeks. The pilot has finished and he has been editing since January with an editor in mainland France, ”continues the director.

To introduce the series, “we released a first teaser that did quite a buzz on Facebook, we had nearly 45,000 views, we are releasing a second one this Friday evening”

If the project therefore seems well underway, it faces a major problem, “it is a self-funded and self-produced shoot, with personal and borrowed funds, or, we no longer have a lot of finances to go out” regrets the director .

“We are looking for different partnerships and sponsors” explains Cyril Vandendriessche. But the creators of the series also appeal to future spectators, through an Ulule kitty.

Progressive rewards according to the amount offered

“We launched the Ulule a little over two weeks ago, we need € 8,500 in total and we are almost at 2000. However if we do not reach the requested level, all is lost, it will be returned to the donors . There are 10 days left, ”he asks.

The kitty is to be found by following this link

And the news of the series on Instagram

Depending on the amount contributed, contributors will be rewarded with cinema tickets to discover the series in Chirongui, an HD link to watch it online or a DVD, posters or a private screening.

The pilot will last 1:30, it will be followed by 6 to 9 episodes of approximately 50 minutes each.



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