SEA OUTSIDE, previews of the fourth episode 14 October 2020

Fiction SEA OUT / Rai 2

Advances fourth episode of the fiction Sea Out, broadcast on Rai 2 in the early evening Wednesday 14 October 2020 (episodes titled Evil love e Know yourself):

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Great feelings of guilt for Teresa, who will discover through her mother that her sister has gotten worse …

Relations between Filippo and Carmine deteriorate, meanwhile Filippo will understand that he must pay a price for Ciro’s protection.

Edoardo starts courting Teresa.

Valenti continues to treat Carmine with a special eye and, seeing himself in him, will tell him about his life story.

Filippo is in check by Ciro and now he must ensure that his father’s car can be used by the boss’s friends to transport drugs to Northern Italy. This, however, will cause great torments …

A misunderstanding causes Naditza to believe that she has been betrayed by Philip. At that point, the girl seeks comfort in Paola’s home.

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