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Scientists Create Revolutionary “Gold” Material from Molecules, Study Finds

Scientists managed to create “gold” – an extremely thin material from molecules gold. There are many uses for it, say the authors of a study published in the journal Synthesis of nature.

The new material “gold” is created on the same principle as “graphene”, which consists of graphite molecules. Graphene is incredibly durable and conducts heat and electricity much better than copper, so it is in high demand in today’s technological world.

“Golden” is a substance in which gold molecules are arranged in one layer. Like graphene, this structure gives gold new properties, the researchers say.

In particular, the new material could be useful in water purification and communication technologies. In addition, graphene can replace current gold in today’s electronics, reducing the cost of gold for these needs.

Researchers suggest that “gold”, a special form of gold, could be just one of several similar substances. Further work is underway to see if the same methods can be used to transform other metals.

Other recent scientific discoveries

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