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Teenage Driver Causes Chaos in Bekasi, Hits Dozens of Vehicles and Flees the Scene


Citizen video they gathered around a Toyota Yaris A white berkelir in Bekasi went viral on social media. It is said that the driver of the car fled after hitting dozens of people.

The Head of the Traffic Traffic Unit for the Bekasi Metro Police, Inspector Wandi Suwandhi, confirmed the incident. The accident happened on Tuesday night (16/4/2024). Wandi said a total of 13 vehicles were victims of the Yaris crash.

“(The total number of vehicles hit was) 11 motorcycles, 2 cars,” Wandi said when contacted detikcomWednesday (17/4).

Wandi mentioned a Yaris car led by a teenager with the initials MH (16). MH does not have a driving license (SIM) yet.

“Driver MH (16), high school student. He doesn’t have a driver’s license yet,” he said.

The accident started when MH was driving the car in Tarumajaya area, Bekasi Regency. Then he hit several motorcycles.

“Then a Yaris car stopped to take responsibility. Three people from the motorcycle came close to the car and the car was scared,” he said.

Feeling scared, MH then ran to Kranji. From there, he ran to Bekasi Station and again hit several vehicles.

Instead of stopping, MH kept going. Until the end an accident in a Honda Brio car at the Becakayu Toll Gate.

“Arriving at the Becakayu toll road, a Brio car was stopped while doing business and was hit from behind,” he said.

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