Science journalist named the main threat to life on Earth

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The eruption of the volcano Cumbre Vieja on the Spanish island of La Palma, November 2021

The worst natural disaster for the planet could be the eruption of a supervolcano. This already happened 75 thousand years ago, noted the Danish popularizer of science Lars Henrik Ogor.

Science journalist Lars Henrik Ogor believes that the main natural threat to life on Earth is the supervolcano. This is stated in the recently published work of Ogor The Big Evil Book of Disasters, excerpts from which the newspaper published Berlingske.

The expert recalled the volcanic eruption on the island of Sumatra, which occurred 75 thousand years ago.

“Huge areas were covered with a layer of lava, soot and ash up to 400 meters deep. All plants and animals within a radius of several hundred kilometers from the volcano were buried in this layer forever,” Lars said.

In addition, the volcano threw out a huge mass of ash and gases, which sheltered much of Asia from sunlight.

A few years after the eruption, the heat returned, but only a few thousand people remained on Earth.

Earlier, geologists studying the dormant supervolcano Toba in Indonesia found signs that magma continues to accumulate in its depths.

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