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Schömberg, Baden-Württemberg: Luge accident – two children (4, 9) seriously injured | Regional

Serious toboggan accident in Baden-Württemberg!

On Wednesday, two children (4, 9) in Schömberg (Calw district) were injured so badly that they were taken to hospitals.

The children and an adult (38) had tobogganed down a ski slope at the Eulenloch ski lift on an inflatable swim ring. A police spokesman to BILD: “The man had lost control of the vehicle and had strayed from the piste.” The children hit a wall.

The accident happened on this slope. In the foreground on the left: the unlucky tire in which the two children and the 38-year-old came off the slopes

Photo: Schömberg fire department

According to the police, the man is the father of a nine-year-old boy and the uncle of a four-year-old girl.

Rainer Zillinger (56), Commander of the Schömberg Volunteer Fire Brigade, on BILD: “The man was out and about with the children with the inflatable swim ring. After he lost control, the children bumped into the wall of a card booth near the slope. Together with the DRK and the police, we were able to secure the site and bring the children to the rescue helicopter and ambulance. The helicopter landed about 100 meters away. A child was taken away in it. The other one was brought to the hospital in the ambulance. “

Teaser picture

The emergency services prepare the injured for removal

Photo: Schömberg fire department

The two children are not in danger of death, said the police spokesman. Fire brigade commander Zillinger: “The cooperation of all rescue workers in this serious accident worked quickly and professionally.”

Another accident – ski slope closed

In a second accident, which happened almost at the same time, a 39-year-old woman injured her leg on the slopes. She was also taken to a hospital by the ambulance service.

In consultation with the community of Schömberg, the unlucky ski slope has been closed to winter sports until further notice.

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