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Aveyron: help from the Decazeville Basin is watching over New Year’s Eve

On this New Year’s Eve, the emergency services in the Decazevillois Basin are ready to watch over you and intervene in the event of the slightest problem.

The Bassin firefighters were also called in at the start of the evening. Not for a bodily accident but for the breakdown in the rain of a family car, with the father, the pregnant mother and their little girl on board. A fuel failure occurred a few meters from the emergency center. The firefighters helped the family to restart their vehicle to reach the Viviez service station, close to a hundred meters away.

A special care also for Thomas, one of the firefighters who just before taking his guard gave in the rest room of the rescue center the bottle to his young son Antoine, aged two months, in front of his eyes from Pauline, the mother, and tender colleagues.

At the Decazeville hospital, emergency and medical personnel are ready to receive patients, although this year, the curfew limits traffic accidents, but obviously not traditional domestic accidents or illnesses.

At the Decazeville police station, the staff was increased with a view to enforcing the curfew and ensuring interventions to protect people and property.

“The curfew is widely respected in the Decazeville basin. We have strict instructions to ensure that it is respected because now everyone is informed”, specifies the district commander (Decazeville, Aubin, Cransac-les-Thermes, Firmi , Viviez and Boisse-Penchot) Charles-Yvan Barré-Villeneuve.

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