Scared scientists: The world could be plunged into darkness

Solar storms on Sunday and Monday evenings panicked the scientific world. Scientists did not expect this explosion. It was reported that there were concerns that the world could be plunged into darkness due to the magnetic fluctuations that occurred, and that this could even last for weeks.

‘It took off at an astonishing speed’

Due to the explosion, terrestrial particles collided with the sun in the earth’s atmosphere. The possible consequences of this frighten the authorities. But this is not the first solar storm. It’s been happening quite often lately. Experts also reported that a storm cloud ejected from the Sun on Thursday with astonishing speed and crashed into the Earth’s magnetic field.

“There may have been a hole”

The Indian Center of Excellence for Space Science said that an equatorial coronal hole may have formed due to interaction with the solar wind and Earth’s magnetosphere.

Corona mass vents refer to bursts of charged particles ejected from the Sun’s atmosphere. When the particles in question interact with the Earth’s magnetic field, breathtaking images occur. But it could also cause damage to power grids or disrupt spacecraft operations and satellite communications.

Experts pointed out that the world could be plunged into darkness due to this deterioration. It was stated that because these magnetic disturbances are in a very unstable state, the problems in question may persist for days or even weeks.

Astronomers said they first detected this eruption around July 12. Experts reported that the explosion that emerged in the northern hemisphere of the Sun on July 15 came to Earth. These magnetic fields are also the cause of the Northern Lights, which cause exquisite images on Earth.

At the same time, some migratory animals are also affected by these solar flares.

‘Can destroy all satellites in orbit’

Last month, a mysterious solar storm hit the Earth. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a G1 class geomagnetic storm was experienced overnight on the evening of June 25. The European Space Agency, drawing attention to solar storms, stated that this situation could destroy all satellites in orbit.

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