gift from the Government, Italians take advantage of it

Energy and gas bills are a huge blow to Italian families.

But now it comes the opportunity to stop paying the hated bills through what we can define a real revolution.


Let’s see what’s going on. In recent months the bills electricity and gas have really gone up a lot for Italian families and there are many families who have difficulty in moving forward.

It is now possible to reset your bills

Bills have risen due to inflation but also due to the war in Ukraine.


Energy raw materials are becoming more and more expensive and so also the bills are getting heavier. But now comes the effective possibility of saying goodbye to electricity and gas bills. Let’s see how this is possible. The instrument is certainly not that of the gods social bonuses on bills. In fact, the bis aid decree confirmed the social bonus on bills but these social bonuses only allow you to have a help on your gas electricity bills but they certainly don’t reset them. Instead, there is a completely revolutionary tool that really allows you to zero your electricity bills and perhaps even those of gas.

A revolutionary measure and the Italians exploit it

We are talking about energy income. Already many Italians have joined the energy income and let’s see how it works. The energy income provides € 8,500 to families within an ISEE of € 20,000 in order to purchase solar panels. With this amount you will not only be able to buy solar panels but also cover the costs for their installation. Therefore, local authorities provide a large amount to allow Italian families within a certain ISEE to be able to make this expense. With solar panels placed on the terrace or on the balcony of the house, all the energy produced will remain with the family.

The new useful income

This will allow you to reset your electricity bill. But the advantage is also another. If the energy generated is particularly strong, the family can also eliminate the use of gas e replace both the heating system and the kitchen with their electrical variants. So by making the house completely independent from gas and feeding electricity through ecological solar panels, the family could say goodbye to both bills. It is necessary to check whether energy income has already started in your region.

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