Scams and extortion by organized gang in Ajaccio: five people indicted in Marseille

At the start of the week, several people were arrested by the Ajaccio judicial police as part of a financial investigation, led by a magistrate from the specialized interregional jurisdiction (Jirs) of Marseille.

On Thursday December 7 and Friday December 8, four people were indicted in this case, notably for extortion, money laundering and criminal conspiracy. Khalid Azhour was placed in pre-trial detention. Majdi Amhan and Mr. Lamdami were placed under judicial supervision. The first, as part of this judicial review, is prohibited from coming to Corsica. Johann Carta, imprisoned for more than a year for offenses linked to the management of the GFC Ajaccio football club, was also indicted. This Friday evening, he had still not been presented to the judge of freedoms and detention who will have to rule on a new committal warrant. Elements confirmed by the Marseille prosecutor, Nicolas Bessone.

A scammer defrauded?

In this case, Christophe Farinotti was also indicted and imprisoned on November 17. The courts accuse him of various scams, while he claimed to be a tax lawyer, “for damage estimated at 3 million euros”, specifies Nicolas Bessone. According to our information, the investigation established that seven or eight victims in Corsica could have been duped.

Christophe Farinotti would at the same time “likely to have been the victim of extortion”, confirms the Marseille prosecutor. Particularly in “paying a significant portion of the proceeds of the crimes to the other persons implicated in this case”he continues.

Me Dominique Mattei, counsel for Majdi Amhan, indicates that his client “explain” Before the judge.

Me Dominique Allegrini, who defends the interests of Khalid Azhour, ensures that the latter “strongly denies any participation in this criminal association”. He further notes: “The only reason that can push a magistrate to detain a person is the presence of serious and consistent evidence. At this stage, there are only presumptions and doubts which will require investigations, some of which are ongoing “We normally only place an individual in pre-trial detention if they already have some evidence. Which, on first reading of the file, does not appear.”.

Finally, the lawyer adds: “As for Dr. Amhan’s current position, he will have the opportunity to show his good faith in resolving a commercial dispute with my client, when his companies honor the debts they have contracted with Mr. Azhour’s companies. In any case, my client does not appear to be the beneficiary of anything, not even his invoices, although they are legitimate.”

The other lawyers could not be reached this Friday.

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