Save 20 thousand pesos in 52 weeks; we tell you all the details

Save 20 thousand pesos in 52 weeks; We tell you all the details. Photo: Special

Save 20 thousand pesos in 52 weeks; We tell you all the details. Photo: Special


Let’s say I’m not the most saving person in the world. The truth is that it costs me a lot of work to organize my money and when I realize it, the small amount that I have managed to collect disappears mysteriously (well, not so mysteriously).

A couple of days ago I found a challenge on Pinterest where you save a certain amount for 52 weeks. I think it’s a great way to raise a good amount of money without having to give stratospheric amounts.

The easiest tricks to save money in this 2020

The dynamics are simple: every week you make the deposit of a specific amount. You start with 15 pesos and end up with just over 20 thousand.

You can add a little more money to start the challenge and add deposits to that amount. If you want to raise money for a particular situation, this is an incredible way to achieve it. I invite you to perform this challenge. Here we leave the PDF version to print.
What do you think of the challenge? Are they going to try? Tell us at the bottom.


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