Saudi Arabia advises citizens to stay away from 3 Arab countries! What are these destinations?

Weqaya, the public health authority in the Kingdom, has recommended citizens not to travel to Iraq, Sudan, and Syria due to the widespread spread of infectious diseases and poor health services in those countries. These countries are included in the list of countries to which it is recommended to avoid travel, and which have been classified with a “yellow rating.” “, due to the spread of diseases and weak health infrastructure.

The guidelines indicate the presence of active infectious diseases in Iraq, such as cholera and Crimean-Congo fever, in addition to measles and Covid-19. In Sudan, monkeypox, cholera, and dengue fever are spreading, and recurring diseases such as yellow fever, dengue, and squash fever have been observed, in addition to the Covid virus. -19.

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As for Syria, the spread of cholera and the recurrence of cases of infection with the Corona virus are observed. These warnings come as part of the efforts aimed at protecting citizens from the negative health effects associated with infectious diseases and unstable health conditions in these countries.

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2023-12-07 12:52:00

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