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Samsung Launches ISOCELL HP2, 200 MP Camera Sensor

Samsung launched ISOCELL HP2 with 200MP camera sensor. This sensor carries the latest pixel technology and capacity for image capture at smartphone the latest generation of premiums.

Executive Vice President of Sensor Business Team at Samsung Electronics Seo Yim Joon said, Samsung ISOCELL HP2 utilizes high-resolution image sensor technology and expertise renewable to create detailed epic drawings.

“Innovative pixel technology allows our sensors to exceed the number and size of pixels that can be imagined,” said Yim Joon in a press statement, Wednesday (25/1).

ISOCELL HP2 (Samsung)

He said the company will open up new horizons and confirm Samsung’s position in the high-resolution image sensor sector.

The advantages of ISOCELL HP2, namely:

  • Wrapping 200 million pixels of 0.6μm in 1/1.3 inch optical format
  • Using Samsung’s pixel-binning technology, Tetra2pixel. The ISOCELL HP2 makes cameras even more versatile thanks to its ability to simulate different pixel sizes to deal with different lighting levels.
  • on condition low-lightthe sensor will adapt to a 1.2μm 50 MP or 2.4μm 12.5 MP image sensor by binding to its nearest 4 – 16 pixels
  • 8K recording is more or less at 33MP resolution, the ISOCELL HP2 will use the 1.2µm 50MP mode to capture more in one frame and minimize crop ratios.
  • 8K recording at 30fps, plus a wide field of view and a larger pixel size, users can create sharp and cinematic videos.
  • Samsung’s Dual Vertical Transfer Gate (D-VTG) technology on ISOCELL HP2 makes it possible to deal with faded or whitened images due to too bright light conditions.
  • D-VTG provides a second current flow ‘gate’ that increases the highest capacity in pixels by over 33%.
  • Able to reduce overexposure and improve color reproduction, including when shooting in bright light conditions.

In low-light conditions, the ISOCELL HP2 delivers next-level auto-focus capabilities. With Super QPD technology, it allows the image sensor to use all of the 200 million pixels available for focusing.

Pixels will be grouped in certain areas to recognize changes in focus patterns that occur in order to provide faster and more accurate auto-focus.

Samsung’s new sensor offers fast auto-focus, even in low light conditions.

In addition, Samsung brings HDR capabilities, by introducing the Dual Slope Gain (DSG) feature for the first time in 50MP mode.

This technology is able to provide two different brightness level conversion values ​​via the analog signal received by the pixel, so it can display more detail and minimize blur.

Smart-ISO Pro also comes as a solution that combines multiple ISO levels from one exposure. This allows the camera to shoot with a 12.5 MP image sensor and do 4K recording at 60fps with HDR quality.

Currently, ISOCELL HP2 from Samsung has entered the mass production stage.

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