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Russian Troop Advancement in Avdeevka: Urgent Situation Confirmed by Ukrainian Forces

The situation in Avdeevka, which is being stormed by Russian troops, is “threatening and unstable.” This is stated in a message published on social networks 3rd separate assault brigade Armed Forces of Ukraine. Russian pro-war bloggers, as well as a number of Ukrainian sources, have reported in recent days about the advance of Russian troops in the northern and southern regions of the city and the threat of encirclement of Ukrainian forces. Fighting for the city in the Donetsk region has been ongoing since the beginning of the large-scale Russian invasion, with the current assault starting last fall.

The 3rd separate assault brigade confirmed that it was urgently transferred to the city due to the “extremely critical” situation that developed in Avdievka. It is alleged that the brigade’s fighters “carried out a raid into the enemy-occupied areas of Avdeevka” and defeated at least two Russian brigades. However, the situation remains “threatening” as Russia moves new forces into the city.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reports 34 Russian attacks in the Avdeevka area over the past 24 hours. Russian troops “do not abandon their attempts to encircle Avdiivka,” while the Ukrainian military “holds the line, inflicting significant losses on them,” the report says.

In conditions of active hostilities, it is not possible to quickly independently confirm the statements of the parties.

Ukrainian sources and Russian pro-war bloggers They say that the Russian military has been trying to cut the city’s defenses in half in recent days. In the north, they managed to reach Industrial Avenue – this is the main supply route for the Ukrainian garrison. The Ukrainian military still has alternative supply routes. Meanwhile, in the south of Avdeevka, the Zenit defensive area is reportedly semi-encircled. According to the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), about 15% of the city’s territory is now under Russian control.

The third separate assault brigade is one of the shock units of the Ukrainian troops, partially formed on the basis of the Azov regiment, which suffered losses in the battles for Mariupol. Last year it made progress in an offensive south of Bakhmut, pushing back Russian forces.

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