“Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022: Updates on the ongoing war and potential counterattack”


On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops. Putin claimed that NATO was going to use Ukraine as a springboard for aggression against Russia, although there was no evidence for these claims. Ukraine believes that Putin’s real goal is to destroy Ukraine’s statehood and bring the territory under Moscow’s control.

A large-scale offensive failed, Ukraine did not give up and, receiving foreign military assistance, the Ukrainian army managed to stop the invaders and in the fall also liberate the Kharkiv region, recover Kherson, but since the end of the summer, heavy fighting has been taking place near Bakhmut, which became one of the main targets of the Russian attackers; meanwhile, several analysts are increasingly talking about the upcoming Ukrainian counterattack.


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2023-05-19 06:09:30
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