“Ádám Martin’s journey to the Hungarian national football team while playing in Korea”

Double happiness if the captain of the Hungarian national football team counts on him

Ádám Martin also misses the tastes of his home country and of course the huge distance from Hungary, his home in Sozárkút, is a problem.

– That’s why I’m very happy when the invitation comes from the national team captain Marco Rossi, because in this case I can stay an extra day with the club’s permission, and that way I can get home to Forráskút.

The trip is tricky even with the fact that the Polish airline has a Seoul-Budapest flight – Ádám Martin talked about the travel difficulties, noting that the three hours before he gets to Seoul, more precisely to the Incheon airport, are added to the flight.

Ádám Martin has already settled into the Korean rhythm of life quite well, he has won authority for himself within the team, but of course there are things that he is still unable to decipher, namely why he is playing or why he is left out of the team.

– It is already being outlined that in the case of a Wednesday-Saturday schedule, we will play alternately with Min Kyu-ju. When there is only a weekend game, the one who was successful before that starts. Or not. But I don’t dwell on that… – he explained his situation by saying that he has a good relationship with the aforementioned Min, and it’s not fashionable in Korea to be offended if someone doesn’t make it into the starting eleven anyway. Of course, according to him, there is a solution for this, it is a great tactical weapon if both are on the pitch, so far this formation has only been practiced in training sessions.

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Cover photo: Ádám Martin, his wife, Gitta, and his little son, Konor, on the Korean beach

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