Russia protested to Ukraine over prisoners of war

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After a short break, negotiations continued

The Ukrainian and Russian delegations at the talks in Istanbul raised the issue of the rules of war.

Russia protested to Ukraine over the treatment of captured Russian soldiers. This was announced on Tuesday, March 29, by the head of the Russian delegation to negotiations in Istanbul Vladimir Medinsky.-

“We protested against the video recordings of abuse of captured Russian servicemen. This protest was accepted by the Ukrainian side, they promised to take the toughest measures, well, if they are caught first, those who committed these war crimes. If ours are caught, then you yourself understand We were heard,” he said.

Medinsky stated that negotiations were underway and announced a statement on their results in a few hours.

The Ukrainian delegation also commented on the progress of the negotiations.

According to Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the President’s Office, consultations are underway on several issues, including prisoners of war.

“The key issue is an agreement on international security guarantees for Ukraine, it is with it that we can end the war. The second issue, no less important, is a ceasefire to solve all humanitarian problems,” he said.

Podolyak added that now the big problem is the escalation of the war.

“And I want to emphasize separately that today there is another problem: what is getting bigger and bigger is the escalation of war, hatred, violation of the customs and rules of warfare not only on the fields. Both sides are calling for the destruction of both peoples and this all leads to conflicts There is a video with a violation of the Geneva Conventions in relation to prisoners of war,” the representative of Ukraine said.

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He also stated that the issue will now be legally resolved so that such cases do not recur.

“The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine very clearly expressed its position regarding compliance with international laws on the treatment of prisoners of war … All incoming information will be checked by the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. If cases are identified, legal decisions will be made on those servicemen who violate the rules for the treatment of prisoners of war,” the brigade commander said in turn General Alexander Kirilenko.

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