Rumor: AMD Radeon RX 6700 graphics cards will get 12GB gddr6 memory – computer – news

I take a look at my 1070, which is equipped with 8GB. A card that is now 4 years old.

In those 4 years, I see more and more the trend towards a combination of 4K gaming and assets (textures, etc.) heavy games.

Now I would like to add that we finally have a new generation of consoles, each equipped with 16GB. Which means that you will also see more heavier textures etc. on the consoles. This in turn will have an effect on the PC market (because console games are often not very optimized for the PC).

For a map in 2020 … technically 2021 by the masses they have, I wouldn’t call that very feature trial. Even worse, you can bet a 3070TI is coming not far from now. With possibly more memory?

If you think you’ll be gaming at 1440p for all your games 4 or 5 years from now, the 3070 is good enough. But you pay 500 Euro for “good” enough. Sorry, but that kind of good enough, would rather fit a 3060 card or so that you’re on a budget with.

We are talking about a 500 Euro card. A few generations ago, a 500 Euro card would have been the top model with the max memory (not counting titan and other specialties). The fact that we sold a technical mid-range card at what used to be the top range price, that it still has 8GB of memory. You don’t buy a 500+ Euro card for gaming with “good enough for 1440p (now)”.

There are a lot of games on the release schedule over the next few years (many that have been delayed with Covid), then the console games that are going to push the market. Good enough for 500+ euros just doesn’t fit in my book.

Especially when you take into account that the 3070 uses the cheaper GDDR6 and not the more expensive GDDR6X that the 3080/3090 use.

I think you are lying to yourself and deliberately setting the bar low. Just because the GPU market has changed enormously in the last generation with the 2000 series, that we suddenly have to lower the bar for Nvidia. Oh my god, the price is more “fair” than the 2000 series. Well, we ignore the fact that a 3070 DDR6 carries 8GB instead of 12GB. Come on, nobody needs more than 8GB. For 500+ Euro.

Sorry but DDR6 8GB should be the 3060 series, not the 3070.

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