Concrete fortress as an atypical cottage. For fifty thousand

Simplicity, clear concept and also price. Such are the priorities of the architect Jan Tyrpekl, who, in addition to traditional realizations, devotes himself to experiments. One of them is a shelter on a concrete fortress near the Austrian border. The wooden building for fifty thousand crowns was created using a minimum of tools.

“The experiment was to open a discussion on how these objects (řopík according to the Directorate of Fortification Works, a small concrete fortress of the Czechoslovak fortifications – ed. Note), which have great potential, can be disposed of. Because the topic of using these bunkers is sensitive, I decided on a wooden building that can be removed at any time, “describes the architect Jan Tyrpekl.

The vertical wooden building was erected on the former fortifications near the border with Austria. Concrete bunkers built along the borders of the Czechoslovak Republic as a defense against Nazi Germany are the property of the Ministry of Defense and are often sold off for small sums in the form of auctions.

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“I interfered minimally with the construction of the bunker itself. And the choice of vertical shape fell due to the landscape. The priority was for the shelter to fit as well as possible, “explains Tyrpekl.

The building can be built with a minimum of tools and without any technology. As the shelter was built only for its own resources without grants and subsidies, the price of the work and the time of construction had to be minimized. Eighteen people took part in the wooden construction, out of fifty thousand

Stalks intended for sale can be found on the website of the Ministry of Defense, the minimum purchase price is around 120 thousand crowns.

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