Rob Verlinden surprised by a date in First Dates: ‘Have butterflies’

Rob and his date, also called Rob, don’t seem to be exactly a match made in heaven. “I have decided to hold back from chatting”, the date says. “But now that I meet you: I think that’s really great! I’m also very honest. I don’t know what you think, but I already have butterflies in my stomach.” Rob Verlinde cannot believe his ears: “That is very smooth”. Rob is quickly reassured by his date: “They are only small butterflies.”

You listen so well and don’t interfere “, says Rob’s date.” I can’t get in either “, the gardener jokes in the video. The chance that this date has a happy ending is small, but we have to wait and see. First Dates Special can be seen tonight at 8:25 PM on NPO 3.

Previously, Giel Beelen was already looking for love this way, but also with little long-term success.

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