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RUMEUR: PS5 conference and presentation of Series X in June, State of Play in August, and Riot and Blizzard events approaching

VentureBeat Despite having a good reputation, it has not been that long since the editorial team risked revealing secret information about the industry. Journalist Jeff Grubb seems to have well-placed contacts everywhere, because he has already reported that PS5 conference to be held June 4, and Nintendo did not plan to Direct for the next month. Rather than scatter, he lets go today a paper returning to everything he would know about the events that will replace theE3 2020 this summer, with some crisp information.

So according to Jeff Grubb, the revelation of the PS5, it would no longer be exactly for June 4, but in these waters, within a few days. We would discover on this occasion exclusives, but also games from third-party publishers. It is not certain that the console itself will be shown at that time, but says it knows that another event is planned for early August, and that it will be revealed at least before that time. It would bea State of Play special focusing on new games and ports on next-gen. August would also be used to present a lot of things via the PlayStation Blog and social media.

On the side of Xbox, if the program Xbox 20/20 already planning to show us the productions Xbox Game Studios in July, a presentation would be scheduled for June 9 or 10 to talk more about the Xbox Series X itself. Since the material has already been peeled, it could be a more specific look at the operation of the console and its firmware. Jeff Grubb slips by the way that he does not know if a more economical model of the XSX, the famous Xbox Lockhart, is in development or not.

As for Nintendo, he reaffirms that none Nintendo Direct will not take place in June, but especially thatno ND would not be planned at the moment. Pikmin 3 Deluxe, Super Mario 3D World Deluxe and the remasters of Super Mario 3D should still be revealed soon for the Switch. Jeff Grubb ends by writing that Riot Games and Blizzard are both planning events for this summer. Knowing that the two studios have several projects on the go, there is reason to be curious.

All these words are those of Jeff Grubb, whose recent releases have not yet had the opportunity to confirm. But if he’s right, between the events already announced and those planned, the state will be hot for the video game planet!

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