«Rudy Zerbi? I discovered something in his life. We cried together ». Silvia Toffanin incredulous

Gerry Scotti a very true: «Rudy Zerbi? I discovered something in his life. We cried together». Silvia Toffanin incredulous. Today, the two judges of Tu si que vales were guests in the living room of the presenter of Canale 5 and spoke of their deep friendship born thanks to Maria De Filippi. Then, the host of the Millionaire revealed an unpublished fact of their relationship.

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«I met his father Davide Mengacci before him – explains the conductor -. Years ago, I had the honor of working with Davide. Then a long time later I met Rudy Zerbi without knowing that they were father and son. When Rudy later found out he was her son, I was left speechless. We are very close friends and have often cried togetherHe said Gerry Scotti

Rudy Zerbi continues: «It’s true, she met my father before me, it’s incredible. Gerry and I have a deep relationship. The last time we cried together was in the dressing room when he told me he was going to be a grandfather. When we are in Rome for Tu si que vales, we also share the same house».

Last update: Saturday 17 October 2020, 22:09



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