Pissed off! Dovizioso Spray Petrucci in the Aragon MotoGP Qualification


Heat tension occurs between Andrea Dovizioso and Danilo Petrucci. The two main riders of the Ducati team argued over the results of the qualifying session MotoGP Aragon.

Qualification MotoGP Aragon took place on Saturday (17/10/2020). Dovizioso and Petrucci were forced to participate in Qualification 1 (Q1).

In that session, Dovizioso and Petrucci impressed doing a team order. Because, both of them were together at the beginning of Q1. Dovizioso had time to let Petrucci overtake him. However, his teammate turns to slow down, and let Dovizioso pass him again.

This moment happened several times, until finally at the end of the Q1 session, Petrucci was able to beat Dovizioso’s time record.

Initially, Dovizioso recorded a time of 1 minute 47,752 seconds, but was overtaken by Petrucci who had a time of 1 minute 47,606 seconds. Dovizioso’s position was later overtaken by Jack Miller, putting him in 13th position.

As a result, Petrucci and Miller are entitled to advance to Qualification 2 (Q2). For this reason, Dovizioso was very upset with Petrucci.

“If you get a tenth because you follow me three times it means you try to be in Q2 at my speed. I am the only Ducati rider. [yang mampu memenangkan gelar], and we have a great relationship because I helped him. In many ways, this is not a smart move. So I was angry about that, “said Dovizioso, as reported by Crash.

Petrucci himself admitted that he made Dovizioso his reference in Q1. He also emphasized that as long as he is still in qualification, he is free to use any strategy.

“I got no information or advice [dari tim sebelum sesi]. Nothing, just trying to do your best, “said Petrucci, who finally started from 8th place in Sunday’s race (18/10/2020).

“For sure, I used Andrea like a target. But like in Barcelona and here since yesterday, I lost almost 5-8 km / h on the straight, so I need to slipstream so I don’t lose too much time.”

“I think we are free to race. It’s qualifying, and I used all my weapons to get into Qualification 2. For sure, we fought, at Le Mans I didn’t fight and I didn’t follow anyone. Just like before, we didn’t have a team. order. “

“I am very sorry that Andrea had to fail into Q2, but if not, I have to answer the question why I was so slow. I am racing for myself and I am recovering from a bad first part of the season. I have to use all the opportunities I have. “he said.

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