Battery capacity in new iPhone models

Apple does not officially disclose the capacity of the batteries installed in its devices to the public. However, this is not an obstacle to obtain such data. This is also the case this time.

According to the documentation of the Brazilian telecommunications agency ANATEL, which certifies electronic devices before they are sold in this country, the iPhone 12‌ mini has a battery with a capacity of 2,227 mAh, and the iPhone 12‌ has a battery with a capacity of 2,815 mAh.

iPhone 12

This information was obtained by the editors of the Brazilian Tecnoblog website. What’s more, they claim that the documentation they had access to also includes data on the batteries installed in the new Pro series iPhones, but they do not want to share them yet.

For comparison, the iPhone 11 has a 3,110 mAh battery, slightly larger than the latest model. The mini is slightly better than the older models. Its battery is over 400mAh larger than that of the new iPhone SE.

Source: MacRumors

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