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RTS News and Newspaper moved …

A page will turn to RTS. The telejournal (“7:30 pm) will no longer be done in the RTS tower in Geneva. The” 7:30 pm “will finally be transferred to Ecublens (VD) on the EPFL site in 2025, Radio-Television Suisse said in a statement Thursday .

“The RTS will open in 2025 its new Lausanne production center on the EPFL campus, in which radio-TV-digital activities will be grouped, including newsroom and TV news. The decision to group the ‘news ‘is part of the media convergence process initiated ten years ago with the creation of the RTS, the statement said.

“Bringing together the news on the same site, a little more at the heart of French-speaking Switzerland, allows to free up resources to produce more information content and strengthen our presence in all the cantons of French-speaking Switzerland”, notes Pascal Crittin, director of RTS.

“This combination will also allow us to develop the digital information offer and ensure a consistent distribution of our content across all media in order to reach all audiences.” In addition to the News, the new building on the EPFL campus will house the activities currently located in the La Sallaz building (radio) and reporting vans.

Always present in Geneva

In Geneva, the other areas of activity today in the tower and on the Geneva site will remain so. Most news magazines will remain produced in Geneva, in synergy with other company magazines, according to RTS.

Three developments are underway and will guarantee a strong presence of Geneva in the RTS programs, she announces. A new Geneva info studio will be created in the tower and inaugurated in October 2020. It will offer reception and duplex conditions to personalities present in Geneva and will in particular allow enhanced coverage of Geneva news.

This vast project will be developed in consultation with professional teams, by 2025. Solutions are and will be sought to limit the reduction of working places in Geneva as much as possible. RTS thus responds to the concerns of the Geneva authorities, she explains.

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