Rosina charges four officials for damage caused to the state in the construction of Russia’s border strip

The IDB received information on the possible criminal offense in spring 2020 and in the course of the preliminary investigation found that the aforementioned four NVA officials, being members of the commission in the tender organized in 2016 for the clearing of the border strip of vegetation, before the construction of the border strip with a width of 12 meters, he did not carry out any work on the ownership of the Latvian state inventory of existing trees and gave the opportunity to entrepreneurs to carry out takeaway work and sell the cut trees.

Due to the inaction of the members of the procurement commission, the state suffered a loss of property of more than 26,000 euros.

The IDB has so far concluded the preliminary investigation and urged the prosecutor’s office to initiate prosecution in a total of seven criminal cases related to the construction and equipping of the country’s eastern border. Several cases are already in court.

For example, in August, the investigative prosecutor’s office charged four NVA officials and a businessman from the Criminal Offenses Service of state institutions for alleged illegality in the procurement procedure of a temporary fence at the Latvian-Belarusian border. .

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