Freiburg: 8 October: # 79connected – one event, one scene – Freiburg rap scene at Soundcity Festival – live from Kulturaggregat Hilda 5 – event as part of #inFreiburgzuhause

As a mirror, stage and contact exchange for the Freiburg rap scene, # 79Connected (gn) unites rappers, beat makers and music video producers. In addition to a stage with an open microphone and the presentation of the current Freiburg music videos, the live performances of Shanel feat. DoC, Ruca, Celal-O, Nur Original, Inya and Tina Turnup led by lilmido – hosted by OFFLINE.

The Kulturaggregat, one of the 15 scheduled points of the Soundcity Festival, shows the rap scene of Freiburg and its surroundings in collaboration with Offline Concerts. We want to be as representative of the current atmosphere as possible and therefore we want to offer a stage in two separate rooms for live performances of a wide variety of subgenres as well as beat producers and music video producers. Our mindset is: # 79 connected – one event, one scene

We want to show that there are now a large number of different streams of the rap scene here in 79 and bring them together under one roof, make them visible and contribute connections that help artists take their musical play to the next level. This showcase is another step towards the realization of our vision: “79connected means bringing platforms, studios, labels, publishers, events, online formats, reports, etc. to Freiburg or, in an emergency, setting everything ourselves up to become interesting for all of Germany and to prevent talented artists from regularly leaving the city because only then can they continue to grow. The main thing is to allow more artists from Freiburg and the surrounding area to make a living with their art within the rap scene and urban music “.

That is why we are delighted that Subculture Urban Media and Kulturaggregat eV are enabling like-minded people to come together as part of the Soundcity Festival.

Sat, 08.10.2022 | 18:30

For more information, please refer to the homepage:

(Press release: Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau, 06.10.2022)

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