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Robbery of Thousands of Euros at Filandón Restaurant in Madrid: Thieves Still on the Loose

The two hooded thieves who attacked and robbed this Monday in the Filandón restaurantin Madrid, have managed to take “bundles of 500, 200 and 100 euro bills”, corresponding to the weekend’s collection, as CASO ABIERTO, the investigation and events channel of Prensa Ibérica, has learned. The total loot is unknown at the moment, which will be thousands of euros because on the day chosen for the robbery, Monday, the weekend’s collection, one of the most profitable of the year, was still in the premises.

According to the data collected by the National Police, the two robbers were dressed in black, with balaclavas and carried gloves and backpacks of the same color. The first description obtained by investigators indicates that both thieves are around 1’70. They both arrived at the restaurant, frequented by soccer players, politicians and other well-known figures, around nine in the morning and sat down. “directed directly” to the first floor of the premises, where the office is located and the business proceeds are kept.

Gun in the neck

There they met an employee who “they shot at with a gun on his neck“and demanded that she hand over the money. When they had obtained the loot, the two assailants began to flee, but the worker, according to her testimony, tried to stop them and clinging to one of them of clothes. Then, the thief hit the woman’s hand with the butt of the gun, causing her minor injuries. Finally, they have managed to escape.

The first testimonies collected by the Police suggest that the perpetrators of the robbery could well know the restaurant and the place where they keep the money. In his statement to investigators, one of those witnesses provided more information about the physical description of one of the thieves. He explained to the agents that one of the robbers, whose face he could not see, had “blue eyes” And he added that those eyes “remind him” of those of a former employee of the restaurant. A clue that the agents must investigate now.

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