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Reversing Diabetes through Lifestyle Changes: The Inspiring Story of Irfan Ferlanda


A man in Tasikmalaya, Irfan Ferlanda (29) went viral after sharing his story of suffering from diabetes at a very young age, namely 28 years. He admitted that so far his lifestyle has tended to be unhealthy. Apart from rarely exercising, he also really likes sweet drinks such as packaged sweet tea.

Irfan said that it all started in November 2023 when he underwent lipoma surgery. At that time, he accidentally discovered that his blood sugar level was high. He was shocked, because all this time he thought blood sugar disease could only be suffered by elderly people.

“After the blood test, the nurse asked, ‘Have you had diabetes for a long time, sir?’ ,” said Irfan in his X account, quoted detikcom with the permission concerned, Friday (1/12/2023).

Irfan explained that his lifestyle had always been unhealthy. The reason is, he really likes consuming sweet drinks, while his physical activity is very minimal. He suspected that this daily habit was what triggered his diabetes.

“In May 2023, he still weighed 90 kg and was 165 cm tall, vaped, worked only sitting, never exercised, and almost every day drank sweets, especially packaged sweet tea. Really almost every day,” explained Irfan to detikcom.

Had Experienced Symptoms of Numbness in the Little Finger

Irfan further explained that he had experienced symptoms in the form of numbness in the little toe of his diabetic foot.

“While suffering from diabetes, three classic symptoms appeared. Starting from easy hunger, thirst, and frequent urination. Apart from that, there was also a slight problem with my little toe which felt a little numb until now,” explained Irfan.

Even so, Irfan decided not to immediately take medication to treat his illness. He tried changing his lifestyle first. He wanted to see whether his condition could improve with daily lifestyle changes.

Since then, Irfan has limited his calorie intake from food every day, exercises diligently, gets enough sleep, and stays away from foods such as fried foods, flour, and sweet drinks. He also replaced his intake of white rice with brown rice.

“For the last 3 months I haven’t taken any medication. I’ve really just changed my lifestyle 180 degrees. Everything is an effort to get diabetes into remission,” explained Irfan.

“One of the doctors who is also a friend of mine asked for metformin at the community health center. I chose to try it for 3 months first to try a diet without medication. If it turns out yesterday’s test results were not normal, I would just obey and take medication,” he continued.


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