Restitution of seized property: Thione Seck pocketed her 32 million FCFA.

At the time, the case of counterfeit bills had caused a stir. Arrested, the singer had been confiscated a considerable sum, but Thione Seck had to pay for it. His lawyer did not hear him that way.

Seizure was a privileged means for investigators to search for the truth and gather evidence. Counsel for the owner of the seized property had made a request by way of motion. The judge has just ordered restitution. He will no longer need the Minister of Culture to pay his water and electricity bills.

After a little less than 5 years, Thione Seck sees the end of the tunnel. The vocal lead of Raam Daan, arrested on May 27, 2015, was placed under arrest warrant on Tuesday June 2, 2015, before being released on bail on February 12, 2016. Waly Seck’s father is out of the woods for having already served his sentence of 8 months in prison.



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