Republican tour: Ali Bongo Ondimba mobilizes in Akanda and Owendo Republican tour: Ali Bongo Ondimba mobilizes in Akanda and Owendo

Libreville, Wednesday, May 31, 2023 (Infos Gabon) – Visiting these two towns in the province of the Estuary, the President of the Republic was welcomed with popular jubilation. The press release from the Gabonese presidency.

“Welcomed on his arrival in Akanda by the authorities of the said commune, the Head of State made an inspection visit of the paving works at the parliamentary precinct, located at the Amissa Transfo crossroads. This is one of the districts of the constituency which concentrates a large number of inhabitants. To date, on this 2,800 km section, the progress of the work which started last January is at 56% and delivery on 2×2 lanes is scheduled for this end of the year.

After this stage, His Excellency Ali Bongo Ondimba proceeded to check the urban roads on the axis New road crossroads of peace. It should be noted that all of these works contribute to the opening up of the municipality of Akanda and therefore to the improvement of the daily life of the populations.

In addition, the President of the Republic spoke with the youth of Akanda at the Public School of Angondjé. The presentation of the results of the Certificate of Primary Studies (CEP) estimated at 93.70% this year and the improvement of learning conditions in the municipality were essentially at the heart of the exchanges. In turn, the Head of State reiterated his commitment to the renovation and extension of all schools as well as the diversification of the training offer.

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Ali Bongo Ondimba, who has been leading local actions since the beginning of his Republican tour, also exchanged with the shopkeepers of the Maman Suzanne market in Akanda (Beau lieu) and then with the notables of the town.

In her word of welcome, the president of the women traders seized these moments to present to the President of the Republic their needs, in particular the supply of water and electricity as well as the redevelopment of the site.

At the Cap Esterias stadium, the Head of State communicated with the Benga customary chief, King Nkombie Marcel, the district chiefs and the Fishermen’s Collective. They thanked the President of the Republic for the influence of their community and subsequently submitted their concerns. With regard to fishing, the collective called for better protection of practitioners, mentioned the difficulty of access to property and urban planning. By considering the issues related to the fishing sector in the commune, specifically in the localities of Sablière, Bolokoboué, Malibé and Cap Esterias, Ali Bongo Ondimba instructed the government so that viable solutions are defined to guarantee the well-being of the populations. .

This Republican visit to the Estuary province today ended in the town of Owendo. The Akournam 2 Jean Michel Nzaou market in the 2nd arrondissement was the first step. The women traders welcomed the President of the Republic’s desire to touch on the conditions in which all social strata work. They appreciated all the actions taken in their favour, in this case the price of the stalls set at 5000 FCFA per month on the one hand, and their registration with the CNAMGS allowing them to be treated at a lower cost.

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As part of its social policy, Ali Bongo Ondimba indicated that the government through the Ministries of Trade and Social Affairs will meet with the various cooperatives of the commune of Owendo with a view to financing the activities of traders.

Then, the Léon Augé sports complex, located in the 1st arrondissement, welcomed Ali Bongo Ondimba. Nearly 1,000 young people were present and expressed their grievances to the President of the Republic. During the exchanges, Ali Bongo Ondimba invited the youth to take ownership of the public policies put in place by the authorities.

The penultimate stage in the said commune was the inspection visit to the Daniel Gahouma infectiology center (former HPO) to the delight of the people of Owendo. The infrastructure, which is 95% completed, comprises 48 rooms, 136 beds, two operating theatres, 2 sheave theatres, an administrative department, a pharmacy, a morgue, housing and a pharmaceutical depot.

Ali Bongo Ondimba completed his journey at the esplanade of the University of Health Sciences (USS). Visit during which he discussed with notables, elected municipal officials and economic operators. The municipal development policy advocated by the President of the Republic has been welcomed by the people. The town of Owendo has both school infrastructure, hospitals and urban roads. At the end of the meeting, the Head of State recommended that the government work to improve the business environment, reduce parafiscal taxes, and create safe and sustainable jobs in the municipality of Owendo”.


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