Relief! The results of the examination of female students in Secondary 5 were not infected after a father suffering from COVID-19. Sent to boarding school

The result of the examination of students in Secondary 5 was negative after high-risk exposure from an infected father.COVID-19 at Korat Timeline to send children to school in Buriram Province

(December 27, 2020) at 12:00 noon, Mr. Sak Rungsaeng, Director of Chulabhorn College School, Satuek District, Buriram Province, revealed Behind the parents, students and teachers in the school of the school Previous stress occurred Because there are parents of students in Grade 5, Bua Yai District, Nakhon Ratchasima ProvinceCOVID-19 And the timeline stated that she came to send her daughter at Chulabhorn School on December 16

Which today is the day that everyone is most at ease When the examination results of the 5th grade student, the daughter of the patient That it is not infectedCOVID-19 As before, everyone at the school was anxious. Because this high school student was in a car with his father From Nakhon Ratchasima And lived with a friend in a boarding school for 7 days

Director of Chulabhorn College School said that from the timeline of the parents Traveled with my daughter in many places Before traveling to send her daughter to school on December 16 Without his father not knowing that he was infected Until the timeline was opened Of infected persons at work of parents of children And when the infection was detected there was a positive result Before the timeline was fired before the said

However, the school has been screened regularly. This time, it was considered fortunate that the child was not infected by the father. If the child is found to be infected There may be chaos among students and parents in school. Especially, the 25th day is the closing day according to the school plans. Which will require a large number of monitoring for risk groups

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