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“Reich citizens” do not receive a pension without an ID card | MDR.DE

He sues in court for cash payment of the pension, even without ID. Ultimately, the Berlin-Brandenburg State Social Court saw no chance: “Pension benefits are fundamentally personal entitlements. There is no right for these to be paid out in cash. There is also no objection if the identity of the payee is checked – using a valid identification document actually existing state.”

So Mr. Friedensreich will have to get an identity card or forego his pension. In any case, he can no longer challenge the court order.

Subletting an additional apartment is generally permitted

Federal Court of Justice (AZ: VIII ZR 88/22)

Theo and Thea Theermann* lived with their child in a three-room apartment for a long time. Now another child is to be born, so the two of them are renting a semi-detached house on the outskirts of the city. However, the husband keeps the three rooms as an additional apartment. After all, it’s close to his workplace – and he sleeps there two or three days a week. In order to reduce the rental costs, he asks the landlord for permission to sublet.

Does the landlord have to agree to this – even if it is not the center of life? Yes, said the judges at the Federal Court of Justice: “The tenant can also have a legitimate interest in subletting a secondary apartment. This applies, for example, if he wants to reduce the rent payments or continues to need the secondary apartment for professional reasons. Subletting is therefore always be permitted if the tenant continues to use the apartment at least partially. For this purpose, it is sufficient if a room is used by the main tenant as a bedroom or as storage for his furnishings.”

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