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Redfall Seems to Like Pumping L4D Zombies

In an article published on the Bethesda website, Arkane (Austin) partially reveals some details concerning the antagonists of their next game, Redfall. Did you ever think that vampires weren’t the most original? Make yourself a shot of rum and sit down.

Because if the vampires of Redfall are inspired by European folklore dating back several hundred years, Arkane’s team wanted to perfect the recipe by adding a high-flying plot twist: the bloodsuckers are in fact the result science experiments! What, according to the studio, justify that some have been able to develop diverse and varied skills. What gives us the everlasting zombies vampires who alert their allies, those who put away a player, etc.

We learn all the same in passing that the difficulty will adapt to the number of players connected and that the game is more cerebral than it looks. Going into the pile will not always be the best solution. Bethesda should soon show more about the island where the game takes place as well as the customization aspect.

In writing, we still can’t get over this project, which seems a thousand miles from the studio’s previous productions. Even if for the moment, it is really not won, we pray every day to have missed an element that will make Redfall the game of the year 2023.

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