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Märtha Louise of Norway cash on the bisexuality of her future husband: “It’s like that”

After a first marriage to Ari Behn, with whom she had three daughters, Märtha Louise of Norway became engaged to her shaman lover Durek Verrett. In an interview relayed by our German colleagues from Colorfulthe interested party confided in the bisexuality of her future husband.

Their couple continues to arouse fantasies and questions. After months of rumours, Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and her fellow shaman Durek Verrett announced their engagement on June 7th. But while their relationship is much talked about, Ari Behn’s ex-wife confided in this idyllduring his appearance in a podcast, relayed by our German colleagues from Colorful. While the new chosen one of his heart has already openly spoken about his bisexualitythe daughter of King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway agreed to give her opinion on the sexual orientation of her future husband.Durek is very open about being bisexual. I am constantly asked if it is not difficult. No, it’s not hard at all, that’s how it is“, affirmed, cash, Märtha Louise from Norway.

Far from being shocked by the bisexuality of her future husband, she even decided to support him: “I find the freedom exploration phase so incredibly important. I’m so glad Durek is so open about it“, assured the one who definitely has nothing of an ordinary princess. With our colleagues, she even implied thatshe didn’t mind Durek Verrett meeting other people, women as well as men, in parallel with their relationship. During this interview, Märtha Louise from Norway also wished respond to his detractors, who criticize the way of life of his fellow shaman: “Anyone who criticizes the way others live in any way is really only showing their own limitations.“, she estimated. Good to hear …

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This homosexual affair that her shaman fiancé wanted to hide

According to information reported by the Norwegian press, the bisexual fiancé of Märtha Louise of Norway tried to get her ex-boyfriend to sign a non-disclosure agreement, Hank Greenberg. This request came just days after his relationship with the princess was made public, in May 2019. But Hank Greenberg refused to sign said agreement. Still according to our colleagues, the relationship of Durek Verrett and Hank Greenberg would have started in 2007 in Los Angeles and would have lasted until 2015. Seven years ago, Hank Greenberg even launched a fundraiser to help Durek Verrett in his quest for a kidney transplant. This had reached more than 20,000 dollars. In various interviews, the massage therapist explained that even “if he wishes her the best“, he has not “nothing good to say“about Durek Verrett versus what he knows about him. At the same time, he also questioned the healing powers of the shaman.

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