Red Sea International Film Festival Award Winners announced

The Red Sea International Film Festival announced the names of the award winners during the awards ceremony, Thursday, in Jeddah.
The number of awards for this session reached 14 awards, presented to cinematic works and personalities from various parts of the world.
The film “In the Flames” by director Zarar Kahn won the Golden Yusr Award for best feature film, produced by Pakistan and Canada, as well as the Indian film “Dear Jassie” by director Tarsem Singh Dhandwar, which won the Silver Yusr Award in the same category.
The film “The Professor” by director Farah Al-Nabulsi won the jury award. It was produced in the United Kingdom, Palestine, and Qatar, and actor Saleh Bakri won the best actor award for his dazzling performance in the film.
Uzbekistani director Shukir Kholikov won the award for best direction for his film “Sunday,” and the film “A Bad Omen” won the award for best cinematic contribution, produced in Belgium, the Netherlands and the Congo, and the award for best screenplay went to the film “Above the Shrine,” produced by Algeria and France, by writers Karim Ben Saleh. And Jamal Belmahi.
Actress Mona Hawa was able to convince the jury and win the Best Actress award for her performance in the movie “God Willing, A Boy” which was produced in 4 countries: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France, and Qatar.
In the short film category, the film “You Remember” by director Dalia Nemlesh won the Golden Yusr Award, while the film “Suitcase” by directors Saman Hosseinpour and Ako Zandkarimi won the Silver Yusr Award for the same category and producer in Iran and the United States.
Al-Ola presented the audience award to the film “Unsullied by Hope” by the South Korean director Kim Chang-hoon, and the Saudi film “Noura” by the director Tawfiq Al-Zaidi.
Meanwhile, director Kawthar Ben Hania won the Al Sharq Award for Best Documentary for the film “Daughters of Olfa,” and Nour Al Khadra won the Rising Star Award from Chopard, which aims to support promising talents in the world of cinema.
The jury for the third session of the festival was headed by Baz Luhrmann, the international writer, producer and director, owner of the two famous films “Elvis” and “Moulin Rouge.”
Also joining the jury were: Swedish-American actor Joel Kinnaman, whose works include the films “Silent Night” and “Suicide Squad,” and the series “For All Mankind,” and BAFTA Award-nominated actress Freida Pinto, whose works include the films “Slumdog Millionaire” and “Knight.” Cups,” and the Egyptian actress Amina Khalil, whose works include the series “Grand Hotel” and “Eugenie Nights,” and the Spanish actress Paz Vega, whose works include the series “OI” and many other works.
While the jury of the Red Sea Short Film Competition was headed by Hanaa Al-Omair, the Saudi writer, director and film critic, who produced the original Netflix series “Wasaws”, the French-Moroccan actor Asaad Bou Ab, who starred in the film “Everything Lola Wants”, and Fatih Akin, the film director and writer. Multiple award-winning Turkish-German script and producer.

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