Players crushed The Day Before on Steam

Players greeted The Day Before with extremely negative reviews on Steam. One of the key points that caused dissatisfaction is the change in the concept of the game. Players note that the previously shown open worlds have been replaced with small survival locations, making the project more like a shooter with survival elements rather than an open world multiplayer online game.

Users write about the poor execution of animations and camera behavior, and also note the lack of variety in sound design. In addition, gamers are complaining about the lack of survival elements in the game, which they say is more reminiscent of a survival game like Tarkov than the expected open multiplayer universe.

Players also criticize the monotony of the gameplay, monotonous tasks and constantly crowded servers, which are not always possible to join. Quests are described as bland and uninteresting, and zombie encounters and PvP have also come under heavy criticism due to poor animations and a general lack of depth in the gameplay.

As a result, many players conclude that The Day Before is a half-baked project with insufficient attention to detail, leaving a bitter impression of a game that, in their opinion, falls far short of the promised features and quality shown in the preliminary materials.

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