Kohli is not in the World Cup plan

Mumbai: Next year in June, West Inn will also be in America. ICC World Twenty20 debut with Diesel Virat Kohli will not be in the Indian team in cricket Information from BCCI circles. Kohli Indian Twenty20 so far till 2022 World Cup Did not play in the team.

Rohit Sharma to India after 2022 Twenty20 World Cup Domestic tea in 2024 edition even if it is not signed for There is also an indication that I will be led. India has only six months to prepare for the World Cup.


ICC World Cup for Rohit-Rahul Dravid Alliance Last chance for BCCI to win The report is available from Menna. So Rohit Sharma in 2024 Twenty20 World Cup Will lead the team. 2013 Champions Trophy till now one ICC trophy India has not been able to do anything. Official till 2023 ODI World Cup Final Even if you come with it, you step in front of the cup.

Rohit-Dravid captain-coach alliance leader That’s when the World Cup battle ended. BCCI has extended Dravid’s contract. But, the truth about Rohit’s captaincy Maya details have not been released. Hardik Pandya India for 2022 World Cup Twenty-20 captain of Absence of Hardik who is out injured Suryakumar Yadav will lead India in that

Ishan instead of Kohli

10 wickets shy of England in 2022 World Cup semis For India, Kohli has given up a tie defeat. Twenty-20 match in Sanam. Kohli the more aggressive batsman BC will be brought in third place instead of CI effort. So the wicket keeper batsman Ishan Ki​​ It is also indicated that Shan will reach that position.

BCCI will not delay about the future of international Twenty20 It is also reported that a discussion will be held with Rat Kohli. There are

They start against South Africa on Sunday. Otherwise, a Twenty20 international for India ahead of the 2024 World Cup. It is also worth noting that there is only Npara. India vs Afghanistan Tri-match T2 in January No-20 will be played.

2024 IPL

Meanwhile, Kohli’s performance in IPL 2024 Accordingly, you will receive an invitation to the World Cup. There are those who do. The next IPL is in the months of March-May. Join in. The World Cup will be held from June 4 to 30.

Two centuries and sixes in 14 matches in IPL 2023 Kohli scored 639 runs including half century was 1st in International Twenty20 (4008) and Twenty20 World Cup (1141) Also note that Kohli is the batsman with the highest number of runs. Yum.

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