Red Bull and Mercedes have no chance in 2022? “Alpine builds best Formula 1 car ever”

It is quite a statement that Alpines managing director makes for the Formula 1 camera. They say they will build the best Formula 1 car ever before 2022, the year in which Formula 1 will be completely overhauled in both technical and sporting terms.

For that they seem to be sacrificing this year: “We want to build on what we have. We know that we are roughly developed with regard to our current car. So we will try to get the most out of the package, to meanwhile, to build the best Formula 1 car ever for the new era of the sport, ”said Laurent Rossi. With multiple world titles for the team in the guises of Benetton and Renault, Rossi sets the bar nice and high.

Meanwhile, Alpine seems to be struggling to compete in the front of midfield. Fernando Alonso still qualified ninth in Bahrain, but was unable to see forward during the race and eventually retired, while teammate Esteban Ocon was put on a lap and had to settle for thirteenth place.


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