Recovery Plan, less taxes on the middle classes. Interventions on trains, schools and 5G

The list delivered by the government to the Chambers includes quantitative objectives, guidelines for intervention, missions, challenges and strategic lines. The executive aims to start the definition of the spending program of 209 billion euros, arriving next spring from Brussels. A plan with an articulated path that will have to circumscribe the interventions and projects they will mark il Recovery plan and the allocation of resources over the next five years. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte sent a road map to Parliament which in thirty-eight pages identifies six thematic areas (digitization, green revolution, infrastructure, education, social equity and health) considered vital for planning the growth and modernization of the country. One of the main objectives, moreover, is to double the average growth rate of the Italian economy, equal to 0.8% in the last ten years, bringing it into line with the EU average, ie 1.6%. Among the numerous targets indicated by the premier are the increase in investments (they will have to reach a value equal to 3% of GDP) and the push on the labor front to achieve an increase in the employment rate of 10 percentage points (essentially also reaching this case the EU average). The expenditure increases also concern items relating to research and development: according to plans, investments in these areas will have to grow from the current value, equal to 1.3% of GDP, to 2.1%. The government together with the figures and resolutions to be achieved has established the criteria to which the projects receiving the resources will have to meet, one of the main requirements will be the significant positive impact on GDP.

Cutting the tax wedge

The government’s plans also include the tax authorities with an overall reform project of direct and indirect taxation, aimed at designing a fair, simple and transparent tax, with the aim of obtaining a reduction in the tax burden on the middle classes and families. In the short term, intervention to reduce the tax wedge is assumed On the digitalization front, the completion of the national fiber optic telecommunications network and investments for the development of 5G stand out. The start of the parliamentary process of the Recovery plan coincides in the meantime with the opening of a new front for the government. In view of the budget law, Minister Catalfo met the trade unions. The commitments made include the extension of the social Ape, the opening at 41 to retire precocious workers and the evaluation for a generational relay.


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