savings of up to 540 euros a year. Six billion on the table

On paper, this is the simplest solution: reduce thepersonal income tax rate 38%, the one that applies to the bracket of income between 28 thousand and 55 thousand euros a year, would mean anticipating for the benefit of the middle class one of the key indications given by the Finance Committees of the House and […]

Tax Peace, the details of the Inland Revenue on scrapping and folders

The Revenue Agency has provided clarifications with regard to the tax measures provided for by the Sostegni Decree, with regard not only to the amnesty, but also to the extension of the scrapping ter and the extension of the terms for the 2021 installments. Tax Peace, the details of the Inland Revenue: suspension of the […]

Tax, 340 thousand checks are on the way: the categories concerned

Are approximately 340 thousand self-employed workers and small businesses end up in the spotlight of the Revenue Agency. The objective of the Inland Revenue for the three-year period 2021-2023, declared in the “Performance Plan” is precisely that of screening hundreds of thousands of VAT numbers as an action to combat tax evasion. Tax, 340 thousand […]

The jackals of the Covid refreshments: irregularities for 240 million euros

November 29, 2020 2:20 PM Fraudsters were discovered among those who benefited from the 8.2 billion grant already given as a grant In the meshes of the preventive checks that the Tax Authority has operated on all applications, various irregularities come to light: from material errors to lack of requirements. And just by crossing the […]

Fisco, staff shortages: 9,000 inspectors lost in 8 years

To combat tax evasion requires a large investment of inspection personnel by the state. The staff currently serving in the Revenue Agency of 32,186 units. At the end of 2012 there were 41,035, almost 9 thousand more. It is necessary to create skills and then introduce them into the circuit with attractive salaries equal to […]

Recovery Plan, less taxes on the middle classes. Interventions on trains, schools and 5G

The list delivered by the government to the Chambers includes quantitative objectives, guidelines for intervention, missions, challenges and strategic lines. The executive aims to start the definition of the spending program of 209 billion euros, arriving next spring from Brussels. A plan with an articulated path that will have to circumscribe the interventions and projects […]

from July 1, ceiling at 2,000 euros

The order is: less cash in circulation, no specific limit on bank withdrawals and cash payments. But “nero” in fact still free for mini purchases, also by exploiting the trick of split payments: the new thresholds will be easily circumvented with the result that tax revenues will not suffer particular advantages, but consumption could be […]