Recovery Juventus-Napoli, what happens with Chiesa at the Fantasy Football

In times of pandemic, strange things also happen in the world of football and, consequently, in Fantasy Football. It had never happened in the history of football, in fact, that first a second round match was played, then the first one. It will be the case of Juventus-Napoli, the recovery of matchday 3, which will be played tomorrow, April 7, at 6.45 pm.

A peculiarity also for Fantasy Football and for those fantasy coaches who are waiting for the game to be recovered: the 3rd day will be calculated after 6 months from the dispute of that round. And many ask themselves, what will happen with Federico Chiesa who was wearing the Fiorentina shirt at the time?

Fantasy football, the Church already on the field on Matchday 3: what happens?

2 October 2020, advance of the 3rd day: Fiorentina takes the field against Sampdoria e Federico Chiesa is the titular player in Iachini’s team (returned to the Fiorentina bench). 6.5 in the report card, the player’s performance was good despite the 1-2 defeat gained with the Sampdoria goals of Quagliarella and Verre.

The transfer market was still open and a few days later Federico Chiesa joined Juventus. Becoming even more a fundamental player for fantasy coaches and a top player among midfielders: 8 goals scored and 5 assists for a Fantamedia equal to 7.67, among the best in that role.

Most likely Chiesa will take the field again for the 3rd day, Pirlo cannot give up one of his best men in the Champions play-off against Napoli. So what happens to Fantasy Football?

The regulation is clear: the vote and the performance of Chiesa in Fiorentina-Sampdoria remain valid, therefore the 6.5. The vote (and consequent, possible bonuses and malus) of the April 7th match against Napoli will not be valid.

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Fantacalcio, the Church case: the rules of

We quote, at this point, the regulation on the Chiesa case. As previously written, the player took the field in the 3rd day with the Fiorentina shirt, therefore his vote in Juventus-Napoli will not be valid.


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