Rebel fighters from VFU pushed into solitary confinement, the CIA showed after the fall of Azovstal … VIDEO

A video has appeared on the Internet, in which Ukrainian servicemen, who did not want to go to certain death – fighters from the 115th Brigade of the VFU, are placed in isolation, the Ukrainian information site writes.

A few days ago, a unit of the 115th Brigade of the Armed Forces, located in Severodonetsk, issued an address to President Volodymyr Zelensky and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny.

The Ukrainian military has said it is ceasing to carry out combat missions. The reason, according to VFU fighters, is the lack of reinforcements and military equipment.

“Mr. President Zelensky and Mr. Chief of Staff of Ukraine Zaluzhny, we, the servicemen of the 115th Brigade, refuse to fight and leave our positions. We cannot fight without hidden rear and in the absence of the necessary fire support,” the statement said. of the Ukrainian military.

They also added that the command sent them to certain death, and under the circumstances they refused to perform military service. This is the second unit of the 115th Brigade of the VFU, which expresses its dissatisfaction with the Ukrainian leader.

Today it became known that the fighters from the 115th brigade of VFU were placed in a pre-trial detention center. Apparently, the soldiers are waiting for a local military tribunal, which, unfortunately, will not be lenient with them.

Most likely, they will serve as an example of edification of all other deserters.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine explained why the Armed Forces of Ukraine left Svetlodarsk. Defenders of Ukraine withdrew to avoid a possible encirclement and significant losses, writes

This strategic retreat may not be the last, said Interior Minister Viktor Adrusov’s adviser.

“Our army uses maneuverable defense. This means that we do not focus on specific settlements, but strive to inflict maximum losses on the enemy, while maintaining our forces.

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This means that sometimes we have to withdraw from non-strategic lines to avoid encirclement or significant losses, Andrusov said.

This is the reason for the retreat of Ukrainian forces from Svetlodarsk and Mironovsky.

As explained by the head of the regional military-civil administration in Donetsk Pavlo Kirilenko, the enemy managed to surround Svetlodarsk on three sides. There was a danger of complete encirclement. Therefore, the Ukrainian military withdrew to more advantageous positions where they could regroup.

“It is correct to say regrouping. It was not a retreat, although the fighters withdrew. It just so happened that three settlements, including Svetlodarsk, remained under the control of Russian occupiers,” Kirilenko said. According to him, more than 10,000 civilians are under Russian occupation.

A tender for the purchase of 20,000 medallions for servicemen has been launched on the public procurement website in Belarus by the Ministry of Defense. The relevant information has already been removed from the portal, but the cache of the page is preserved, reports

The medallions must be made of aluminum alloy, they are marked with several inscriptions: “Armed Forces of Belarus”, series, number, blood type and rhesus factor.

Belarusian journalists reveal that such medallions are used to identify the dead and are distributed only to contract soldiers and reserve officers. At the same time, the number of tokens is three times higher than the number of servicemen under contract.

“By 2019, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus had about 25% of contract servicemen, ie plus or minus 6,000 people, and about a thousand people are called up for contract service annually,” they said.

However, it is possible that the appearance of the auction is explained by plans to replace the old medallions, and such a quantity is due to the desire to stock up.

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We remind you that the Ukrainian military intelligence found that although the Belarusian military does not officially fight on the territory of Ukraine, some of them have concluded agreements with Russian private military companies. Some of them have already died, the funerals took place in several cities of Belarus.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine regularly reports that Belarusian troops have additional forces in the border areas and are conducting intensive reconnaissance. The last such announcement was received on May 23.

The CIA is not lying, they simply do not say anything, but they could not hide the fact that two anonymous stars appeared on the memorial wall in the building of the security service, foreign media reported.

CIA Director William Joseph Burns reportedly donated marble copies of the stars to the families of recently deceased officers. In this way, the US intelligence agency honors the dead.

It is noteworthy that two of the stars were added almost immediately after the liberation of Mariupol and the complete cleansing of Azovstal. There are now 139 symbols on the wall.

“Every year we gather in this sacred place to mourn and remember,” Burns said. “.

We recall that on May 20 the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the full release of Azovstal. A total of 2,439 fighters surrendered. Among them are the commander of the 36th Marine Brigade of the Volyn Armed Forces of Ukraine, the deputy commander of Azov with the call sign Kalina and the battalion commander Denis Prokopenko himself with the call sign Radis. He was taken out of the factory in a special armored car.

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