Rave party Turin, the bedlam in the fort between alcohol and falls. And it is already contagi- Corriere.it alarm

from Massimiliano Nerozzi

The high behind the wall of the agents: in four hospitalized for fractures and head trauma. The story of the rave in a former Fiat factory in Turin, which was attended by thousands of young people from all over Europe thanks to the tam tam generated by a Telegram chat

At six on Sunday evening, when at the most you can hear the thud of the ring road, in via Bernardo comes loud techno music from the Romagna Riviera; here we are also in a small street in an industrial area on the outskirts of Turin, tucked between warehouses and a huge abandoned area of ​​the former Fiat. inside that from the night before they are unleashed, agitating, drunk almost six thousand young people who have come from many cities and from northern Europe, especially France, to hear them. To the rave party, organized for the 15 years of a local sound system, the fathers of techno, could have been even double, if in the darkness between Saturday and Sunday the carabinieri and police had not intervened: to end the procession of cars, campers, trucks, all people who had signed up for the clandestine appointment thanks to a Telegram chat. There were people electrocuted, says Manuele, 37, who lives in Borgaretto, the small neighboring town.

The injured

The situation was already a summer exodus, with blocked traffic and surreal scenes: those who park on the ring road with lysergic nonchalance, those who, aboard a pickup truck, try to escape the police block and with a clumsy and reckless maneuver almost hit two of them. Two others will be injured under a throw of stones and paper bombs. Whoever has arrived here, wants to enter. Beyond the enclosure wall, scrub and a few trees, the rave has already taken off, in a shed that seems to have been stolen from Christopher Nolan’s Batman: rusty beams, crumbling roofs, windows with broken glass, as risky as upturned knives. Someone dances on what remains of the concrete walls, now palettes for graffiti, others arrive above the canopy, five meters above the ground. Where a small space opens up, behind the old steel doors of the wards, some camp with igloo tents, others dance to their own music. It goes without saying that anti-Covid measures are non-existent, not to mention the most basic safety rules. That only four people, last night, had ended up in the hospital for fractures and head trauma was a great luxury: When we entered, at dawn, we found four quite serious situations, the rescuers admit. A little outside, already at night, a Red Cross assistance point is set up.

The blocks

All around, however, police and carabinieri block the streets, including Viale Torino, which runs from the center to the hunting lodge of Stupinigi, which belonged to the Savoy family. There are four major roadblocks: Those who leave are identified and do not return, explains prefect Claudio Palomba in the evening, who must settle in Naples in three days. In the morning he had called an emergency meeting with the representatives of the police and institutions, including the commissioner Vincenzo Ciarambino and the provincial commander of the carabinieri, General Claudio Lunardo. Moral: immediate eviction of the area impossible. Too dangerous for public order, given the mass of people involved, their conditions and the vastness of the area. Music master then, until tonight. After all, as in all respectable raves, here they are equipped: There are vehicles parked everywhere, including refrigerated trucks with food and ovens for cooking pizzas, says Giampiero Tolardo, mayor of Nichelino. Between one car and another, empty cartons of Moretti beer and an empty bottle of Queen Margot whiskey pop up: a drink from 40 degrees to 10 euros. To scroll through the secondary streets there is the brochure of the plates: Bergamo, Milan, Livorno, Pavia, then French, Dutch, German acronyms. In the meantime, however, the traffic police have already begun to remove the no-parking vehicles, keeping watch day and night: Pedestrians between Stupinigi and Nichelino, the luminous screen warned motorists, again yesterday afternoon. It happens to meet small groups of boys and girls, on foot: those who return to the car, those who try to blitz the large shopping center beyond the ring road. Around eight o’clock in the evening, in front of an old Knaus camper, someone takes a breath by cooking a plate of pasta: Soon, it’s going to start again.


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